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by CHENG Tsz Yin, CHEUNG Chi Ho, NG Wing Ki, WONG Chun Hei
BA(Hons) in Advertising Design

Award HK4As Students' Award 2019 - Gold & Best of Show

The MEATLESS™ MEAT Relocation project is an integrated campaign for the launch of Meatless Meat in Hong Kong. It helps the product be relocated from the meat zone to where they should belong – the vegetable shelves in retail outlets like supermarkets.
The design team found that meatless meats are usually displayed frozen meat together in many supermarkets. However, this kind of meat is actually like composed vegetable made from ingredients like beans, especially soybeans and tofu, nuts, grains, seeds or mushrooms. Relocating them to the vegetable zone not only helps them find the right home but also stand out from other real meats.
To achieve the goal, there are 3 stages in the campaign including 1) Building awareness with OOH print ads; 2) Interacting with consumers via voting the new home for the product online; and 3) Call for Action by announcing the result of meatless meat's new home by setting up Point of Sales around the vegetables areas.

POD - An affordable life-saving furniture for flooding

by LO Kin Pan
BA(Hons) in Product Design

Award The James Dyson Award 2018 – International Top 20 & National Winner
Award Taipei International Design Award 2019 – Silver Award
Award China Universities Industrial Design Competition 2018 – Silver Prize

The POD is a multi-functional furniture which can be a bench for daily life and become a lifeboat and a means of transportation when there is a flood. It can be changed between different shapes in a minute.
The POD is designed for low-income area residents who face superstorm and flooding issues frequently. Lightweight, low cost and durable materials are its key features. With its foldable and flexible structure, users can assemble it themselves, reduce the volume before assembly, and lower the cost of transportation and inventory. It allows printing of any advertisements on the hull to earn income subsidising the production costs. The attached paddles can be used by two people or combined for one user. It also provides a storing space for the life jacket and first aid kit.

Dwarfs - ASD Children Educational Kit

by WONG Man Wai Jack
BA(Hons) in Product Design

Award A' Design Award & Competition 2019-2020 - Winner in Toy, Games and Hobby Products Design Category
Award A&D Trophy Awards 2019 - Excellence (Product Design in Student Category)
Award DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award - Young Design Talent Special Mention Award 2019
Award Annual Show 2019 – Tutors’ Choice

The way ASD (autism spectrum disorder) children express themselves is somehow different which causes misunderstandings and lead to difficulties in their social lives. Jack’s award-winning project “Dwarfs” is intended to eliminate misunderstandings and help these children to express themselves.
The product targets 6-12 years old ASD children who are educated in ordinary schools. It aims to improve their social lives by setting stages of emotion expression and emotion control. In the design, elements of colour, form and sound respectively trigger visual, tactile and auditory sensation of the children. To complete the whole design, digital programming is also applied to provide a complete user experience.

Fine Line

by LEUNG Mei Yin Niki
BA(Hons) in Product Design

Award Red Dot Award 2019 – Best of the best

Depression is a modern-day disease and mental illness that is widespread in overpopulated metropolises. An extensive number of people suffer from it in silence as there is shame or a fear of being judged or labelled. A Fine Line does not seek to cure depression, rather it hopes to raise awareness in a straightforward way. A Fine Line is a light that speaks to people who are overwhelmed by depression. Its message relies on strong symbolism, and it doesn’t hold back while addressing the sensitive topic of suicide: the light switch is activated by a rope that resembles a noose. When the light is switched off and there is darkness, the noose is present. However, when the noose is detached (via magnetic clips), the light is switched on. Whether it’s tied up or freed, you have complete control over the light – and life.


by TAM Kwan Yiu Koko
BA(Hons) in Environment and Interior Design

Award IFI DESIGN DISTINCTION AWARD (IFI DDA) 2019 - Gold winner of the Student Category
Award Architecture Masterprize 2019 - Winner in Architectural Design / Mixed Use Architecture
Award Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards (APIDA) 2019 - Silver winner of the Student Category
Award A&D Trophy Awards 2019 - Best Interior Design in Student Category

The project is to design a place for individual millennial professionals (slash career workers). It should ideally be highly flexible, self-sufficient and sharable. It caters for the usages for different times in a day while introducing a sharing economy of furniture, space, and services. People no longer identify weekdays and weekends, as their jobs cover 24 hours, hence the change of spaces will be according to their needs. Transformable building parts are controlled by an app. Users may select their available timeslots for events, leaving this a multi-functional Workplace x Residential building.


by Lai Pui Ying Venus, Lam Yuet Lai Timothy, Wang Yuanzhi Lesimo, An Bangning Benny, Chen Qixuan Mark
BA (Hons) in Product Design/Environment and Interior Design

Award The Best of Student Product Design, A&D Trophy Awards 2019

The Arch is a furniture design that explores the idea of function following form; the movement of a person rolling over was translated into sections of the object. These sections were then joined, creating a long bench with a dynamic outline and changing topography. The size and shape of the arches below change with every section, annotating the movement in different states. Placed together as a complete bench, users can sit on both sides and fit into the PU foam with different postures. They can be separated or used in combinations: a sitting object with a side table, a sofa or a stool.

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