2019 Visual Identity


A piece of paper is more than just its four corners. In 2019, we use paper and inverted boxes to depict the deliverables from designers as a vessel of studies, stories and concepts. In this exhibition, we open the treasure boxes of young designers for you to read beyond the design outputs and discover the impact of the wide array of issues and observations they have identified through their research.

Paper has a flexible form that is able to present different shapes or motion in different applications – a great medium to communicate variety and the endless possibilities by design.

Irregular inverted boxes represent blocks of information and progress in the design process, from ideation to research to sketching.


Andrew Lee

Graduate of BA (Hons) in Design (Communication Design), 2018

Andrew graduated from PolyU Design in 2018. He is passionate about print media, typography, album and book design.

He studied for a semester in Cologne, Germany on exchange in 2016 and worked as an intern in Taipei in 2017 where he found a galore of inspirations in printing and album design.

His final year project —— “the record store” was featured as the Metropop Magazine cover story in October 2018.