The Annual Show opens the treasure boxes of young designers for you to read beyond the design outputs and discover the impact of the wide array of issues identified through research. This year, a new navigation experience is introduced to bring you with new thoughts and insights on seven curated topics.

7 Curated Themes


Each exhibit belongs to a theme. Identify your most interested one and follow its representing colours, you will find the related projects easily from different corners of the show.

  1. Shifting Environments: Providing and promoting buoyancy and comfort in adapting to our continually shifting physical and virtual environments.

  2. Originality. Ingenuity. Visionary Thinking: Experimentation and non-conformity, pushing our boundaries through creative outlets.

  3. New Beginnings: The pursuit of personal passions and vitality.

  4. Reassurance. Serenity. Security: Bringing order and peace to our inner selves.

  5. Intriguing the Eye. Sparking Imagination: Inspiring joy, fun, and beauty.

  6. Well-being. Balance. Harmony: Enhancing our sense of individual well-being as well as promoting balance and harmony in relationships.

  7. Courage. Empathy: Fighting for others; fighting for ourselves