An exhibition in the SDWORKS SHOP

Presented by: SDWORKS

Location: P/F


SDWORKS is hosting the works of Year 2 Students in Product Design produced during the SD2470 Structure subject.

With a limitation concerning materials, using scraps and or semi finished product (cardboard, medium density, plastic and / or metal sheet, wood, cement…) and within the constraints of building it by themselves using PolyU facilities  (Industrial Center and School of Design’s metal and wooden workshops), the objects presented (stools and tables) are based on a subtle formula mixing material, processes and structural principles. 

Tutor:  Philippe Casens

Students: CAI Zihan, CHAN Si Jin, CHANG Pei-chi, CHEN Xiaoyang, FUNG, Siu To, SEE Jun Hong, To Wai TSZ, TSE Hong I, VITTIE Denissa Calista,  WONG Ho Ting,  ZHAN Wen 

Photo credit: SEE Jun Hong