An exhibition in the SDWORKS SHOP

Presented by: SDWORKS

Location: P/F


SDWORKS is hosting the "HAVE A SEAT!" furniture design mini-exhibition showing the works of Product Design Year 2 Students produced during the subjects:

SD2466 Technology 1 - Structure

SD2470 Technology 2 - Materials/Processes 

With the understanding of materials from the sustainable/ economical/innovation point of view, and the techniques used in processing these materials, the students used scraps and/or semi-finished products to handmake the objects using PolyU facilities in Industrial Centre and School of Design wood and metal workshops. The stools and tables presented are based on a subtle formula mixing material, processes, and structural principles. 

Tutor: Philippe Casens 

Students: CAI Zihan, CHAN Si Jin, CHANG Pei-chi, CHEN Xiaoyang, FUNG, Siu To, SEE Jun Hong, To Wai TSZ, TSE Hong I, VITTIE Denissa Calista,  WONG Ho Ting,  ZHAN Wen  

Photo credit: SEE Jun Hong