CHAN Ka Man Carman, City in the Dark (Tutors' Choice, Communication Design)

 Hong Kong is a sleepless city not resting even in the dark. Late-night Hong Kong is not just about time, but a place of its own with high social and cultural values. It is very often underestimated due to its low exposure to the majority of people. The late-night city is an important wheel and a representation of Hong Kong people's obscured livelihood. Through the deliverables including publication design, photography, map, sound record and text, this project hopes to shed light on the late nights, the city and the society, where we belong.


WONG Lok Man Eddie, Designer of ‘From Workshop to Toolkit’ (Tutors' Choice, Social Design) 

Most of the activity planning for young adults in youth services centres is found to be employing a top-down approach. It may lead to the lack of participation, engagement and interaction towards the services provided as the youth programmes fail to fulfill the needs or interests of its young targets. This project attempts a remedy: to engage young adults in the early planning stage of youth services. By applying different facilitation methods, a series of co-design workshops were organised to better understand the core needs and concerns of the targets; and the findings contributed to develop a toolkit for co-planning activity in attempt to break regular assumptions and practices of the service providers and the service users.


NG Keneth Labante & LEUNG Ming Wai, Cat, Designers of Decktics (Tutors' Choice of Interactive Media) 

Hong Kong is facing a massive increase in the number of people with diabetes. The diabetics need to go through an adaptation period so that they can stabilize the illness and not run into further complications. Due to misunderstanding of the seriousness of the illness where some patients think it is equivalent to a death sentence, they give up on their treatment easily because they can’t want to go through the adaptation period. 

Decktics offers a get started kit that combines mission and horticultural treatment. Based on the patient’s level of self-control, they will receive a suitable level of the get started kit. In order to help patients live with the illness and manage their health, they will experience the mission-based exercise that helps them change their behaviour in a fun way. Decktics will make a significant difference to new diabetes sufferers.



Wong Man Wai Jack, Designer of DWARFS (Tutors' Choice, Product Design)

The way ASD (autism spectrum disorder) children express themselves is somehow different which causes misunderstandings and lead to difficulties in their social lives.

The product targets 6-12 years old ASD children who are educated in ordinary schools. It aims to improve their social lives by setting stages of emotion expression and emotion control. In the design, elements of colour, form and sound respectively trigger visual, tactile and auditory sensation of the children. To complete the whole design, digital programming is also applied to provide a complete user experience.