Interdepartmental Cooperative Projects - Computer Games by Design & Engineering Students

Presented by: PolyU Students

Location: Gallery D, P/F

Creating an original playable computer game requires a wide range of knowledge in design and technology and their skillful integrations, which calls for individuals who can work across disciplines. This exhibit showcases 10 selected projects from students who worked across disciplines on turning their original ideas into playable computer games.

Four projects are browser-based 2D computer games which are the results of collaborations between students from the BA (Hons) in Interactive Media (PolyU Design) and BSc in Internet and Multimedia Technologies (IMT) (PolyU EIE) in semester 2 of 2018-19. Six other projects are from students in the BSc IMT programme on 3D computer games running on personal computers, mobile phones as well as immersive VR platform, from a 6-credit final year project under the School of Design.

PolyU Design has been offering 4 subjects (a total of 15 credits) to students in the BSc IMT programme to build up their foundation in design and technology to make these projects possible.

Tutank Revival/ City Move/ Captain Dog/ Kill the WiFi/ The Polymorphic University/ Polyverse/ Shrink or Stranded/ GunSmitg/ Asgard/ VR Homelands TD