2018 Visual Identity


From the Den 滿師

Young lions are being fed in the den and trained by the seniors until they are ready for the world. And one day, they will become kings and queens of the jungle. In 2018, we use ‘the lion’s den’ as a metaphor to communicate that PolyU Design is where the young designers are nurtured, trained and equipped before they join the design workforce. In this exhibition, we invite our guest to come right into the den and take a first look at our future design leaders.

‘Southern Lion Heads’ (a traditional Hong Kong craftsmanship) is chosen as the main visual. By featuring various parts of the Lion Heads complimenting with graphic and typography, the designer hopes to create a visual system to represent the exhibition, as well as different design disciplines in the design school.

Last but not least, the Southern Lion Head symbolises ‘a lucky new beginning’ in Hong Kong tradition, acting as a beautiful blessing to the graduating students.


Westley Wong

Graduate of BA (Hons) in Design (Advertising), 2015

Westley is an alumnus of PolyU Design.  He also completed his postgraduate studies in London, supported by the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award scholarship he received in 2015.  In the same year, he founded the cross-disciplinary creative consultancy Poets Creative.  Poets Creative is enthusiastic in exploring tradition, as well as innovation.  Currently, Westley and his partners are extending their creative services to cover graphics, typography, videography, audiography and new media design.