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Meetup #1 PROJECT FREEDOM (by Gi Siu)

‘Project Freedom’ is a critical design project that carries stories abstractly. Those stories are about our life, about our emotion, and, for sure, about the idea of freedom.

There are three objects in this project, each of them represents one direction about freedom, which are emotion, materials, and lies. And their functions are clock, money balance teller, and weather teller respectively. You may wonder, why are they related to freedom? Why are they related to the the functions and the forms of the objects hanging on the wall? Or even...why this project?

There will be a short sharing section for the stories behind the objects. The audience can know more about the idea of freedom and the irony of freedom in our life through the short presentation by Gi.

Date: 5 June (Tuesday)
Time: 17:00 (Duration: 30 mins)
Venue: Project Freedom's booth at P/F

#Demonstration #Sharing #CommunicationDesign 



About PolyU Design Annual Show Meetups
Meetups to be hosted by students of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University School of Design during the Annual Show 2018. Formats of our meetup:
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