Academic Advisors
Dean: Prof. Cees de Bont
MDes Scheme Leader: Prof. Laurent Gutierrez
MDes (Design Practices): Dr. Ernesto Spicciolato, Fred Han
MDes (Design Strategies): Prof. Laurent Gutierrez, Dr. Sandy Ng
MDes (Interaction Design): Dr. Kenny Chow, Dr. Huaxin Wei
MDes (International Design and Business Management): Benny Leong, Dr. Clifford Choy
MDes (Urban Environments Design): Prof. Tim Jachna, Prof. Laurent Gutierrez
Master of Science in Multimedia & Entertainment Technology: Dr. Hanna Wirman, William Wong
BA (Hons) Scheme in Design Programme Leader: Rémi Leclerc
BA (Hons) in Advertising Design: Francis Hung, Stefan Sonntag
BA (Hons) in Environment & Interior Design: Peter Hasdell, Gerhard Bruyns
BA (Hons) in Communication Design: Brian Kwok, Fung Ho Yin
BA (Hons) in Product Design: Philippe Casens, Marko Stanojevic
BA (Hons) in Digital Media: Dr. Henry Ma, Step Cheung
BA (Hons) in Interactive Media: Dr. Kenny Chow
HD in Multimedia Design & Technology: Bruce Wan, Leo Chan

Director: Rennie Kan
Producer: Pierre Tam
Publicity Manager: Anita Law
Community Engagement Coordinator: Beatrice Woo
SDWorks Project Director: Dr. Ernesto Spicciolato
SDWorks Project Manager: Janet Hui
WIE Exhibits Manager: Margaret Ho
WIE Exhibits Coordinator: Dorothy Fong
MDes Exhibits Manager: Christine Tsin
MDes Exhibits Coordinators: Stephanie Ho, Sarah Kwok
MScMET Exhibits Coordinator: Rhys Jones
MRC Exhibits Coordinators: Man Tsang
Visual Identity: Sofan Mok
Visual Identity Advisor: Fung Ho Yin
Website: Yu Yip
AR: Peter Chan Chin Hei
Production: Jason Liu
Videographers: Peter To, Martin Wong
Production Assistant: Flora Chan

Logistics and Technical Support
Rio Chan, Cheng Wing Hoi, Moses Cheung, David Chung, Hui Wing Keung, Johnny Kwok, Winson Kong, Matthew Lam, Johnson Tam, Manson Suen, CW Woo, Patrick Yeung, Steven Yeung,Yeung Chi Keung

Student Organising Team
BA (Hons) in Advertising Design: DC Chan
BA (Hons) in Environment & Interior Design: Ringo Hin, Winson Man
BA (Hons) in Product Design: Lee Long Yin Brian, Chun Ko KC
BA (Hons) in Communication Design:  Ng Cho Yiu Cynthia, Chou Xian Hong Scott
BA (Hons) in Digital Media: Li Wan Yi, Firenze Au Yeung
BA (Hons) in Interactive Media: Spencer Chow


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